Racquet Stringing

String selection can be as important as your choice of tennis racquet. We have an extensive selection of strings and can advise the optimum tension to meet any player's needs.

Ask yourself :

  • Are you a hard hitter?
  • Could you use use more power?
  • Do you break strings easily?
  • When was the last time you had your racquet restrung?
  • Are you having any arm pain?
  • Does your racquet feel dead on impact?

String, like most other tennis equipment, should be specific to your playing style and what’s important to you, such as power, durability, control, and comfort. There are 4 basic types of string and each has some variation:

Poly – Stiffest string type designed for durability, spin, and control. Although they will last longer, they will tend to lose more tension over time. Recommended mainly for intermediate to higher level players.

Multifilament – Recommended for players looking for a softer, more comfortable, arm- friendlier string.  A good choice for lower intermediate to high intermediate level

Synthetic - Recommended to beginners or the very casual player. Although not as complex and rich in feel, it comes closest to the multifilament.

Natural Gut – This is the softest string type recommended to players looking to maximize comfort and feel. It is also advised for players experiencing more severe arm issues. This is the least durable string type, and most sensitive to climate conditions.


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