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47 1/2 Main Street
East Hampton, New York
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Sun-Wed: 10:00am-5:00pm
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Who We Are

Located in the heart of East Hampton, we are proud to launch our retail store for the tennis enthusiasts at 47-1/2 Main Street. Set Point Tennis offers a curated selection of top of the line Tennis Racquets, Sneakers, and Apparel and Accessories for Men, Women and Children in brands ranging from classic trusted product lines, to fashion-forward athletic apparel and accessories. Our racquet specialists can set you up with the latest racquets, strings and grips to improve your play: inspiring and nurturing your inner champion.

Visit our website weekly for new information on the social and cultural aspects of tennis including content on health and exercise tips, as well as commentary on tennis tournaments and events. Shop your favorite brands with educational customer service advice from our experts. Follow us on social media to see the latest trends and for chances to be featured on our Website.

Set Point Tennis provides In-store teaching professionals to take your game to the next level. We can set you up with one of our tennis pros or roster of expert instructors for lessons at home or other locations.